The student took photos of animals to help them find owners

When other students were enjoying their summer holidays, this student called Maggie Epling preferred helping animals .
She knew that photographers play an important role in adopting animals and decided to contact the shelter and suggest her help.

They were thankful for this and accepted her help.
The girl decided to pay more attention to black animals and the reason for this was that these animals are less likely to be adopted by people.

Black cats, compared to other animals, are in danger of being euthanized.
So, she captured black dogs and cats. And this increased the number of adopters.

The shelter got many calls, especially from the animals who captured Maggie.
And many of them have already found their owners.

‘Today, when I came to the shelter, all the workers said that many visitors come with my photos and want to adopt especially those animals’ said Maggie. And she was very happy to be helpful to these animals.

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