The student raised a puppy for 6 months and when he met a doctor it turned out to be a wolf

This student found a puppy from the street and took it home.
At first, the puppy behaved strangely and then started to dig in the yard.

But the family ignored this fact.
And when he met a doctor by chance it turned out to be a wolf.

George called the pet Neo and created an enclosure for him.
New grew up and constantly dug under the fence.

Every time he was found with the neighbor’s dog.
Neo did not talk to anyone besides George.

This dog did not even bark or wag its tail.
Recently, he was found in the nearest animal shelter.

George took the pet to the vet and he was surprised.
It turned out to be a wolf. So he lived with Geroge for 6 months.

Neo should be sent to a special organization.
But they will miss each other as they were already used to each other.

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