The student kept the poor dog in her arms so that it won’t die alone

Janine is the owner of the Animal Rescue center. When she first met the animal named Watson she thought that she could help him. And took him to the vet. Doctors looked after him for some days but they did not have any hope. He had so many problems.

The disease already damaged the body.
The only way they could help him is to give him love during his last days.

And Janine decided to stay the night with him.
She thought that he would feel worse the next day. So, she did not want to leave him alone as he needed someone’s help.

The woman stayed all night with him.
Unfortunately, it was the only night that he was surrounded by love.

He hugged the woman and slept like a baby.
The next day he refused to eat or drink anything.

Janine took the dog to the hospital and he took his last breath.
And before this moment the poor baby never felt what it meant to be loved.

Janine felt better as she somehow helped the poor animal.
She was feeling sorry but she could not do anything else.

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