The student argued with his parents and dug a room for him

The teenager started to argue with his parents and started to dig a hole.
After 6 years, this became an apartment provided with Wi-Fi, electricity, and other essential things.

That day, the boy did not want to visit his relatives with his parents and decided to have fun alone at home.

So, he went out and started to dig a hole.
This became a habit for him and he started to do so every day after school.

He could not understand why he did so.
One of his friends gave him a pneumatic drill and everything went even faster than anticipated.

After 6 years of tortuous and stubborn work, it turned out to be an actual apartment.
He even provided the warming process of the apartment.

This was not a cave but an actual apartment.
Now he continues doing so in his free time.

Amazing job!

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