The street dog convinced them to come to the door

This sad story happened to a dog called Bruno. He lost his home and owners.
But he turned out to be lucky when one passerby noticed him.

Luhan Videl was walking outside when she noticed a strange dog who was looking carefully at her. Luhan was with her boyfriend and they both were surprised.

The girl could not stay indifferent.
They thought that the animal was lost and decided to wait till someone would come and take her.

But she was all alone. Then, the dog started to run and the girl did not understand what happened. So, the couple wanted to lead them to a door. Then they noticed the sign that said ‘Do not allow dogs to come in.

Luhan later knew that the dog had recently lost her owner and then appeared on the street.
So, now the dog was not allowed there.

Luhan felt sorry for the poor creature and thought that she could not leave her on the street.
They took her home and shared about her on the internet. They hoped that it would help them to find owners for her. But everything was in vain.

Luhan felt that her heart was broken. And she always wanted to go outside. So, the girl followed her to understand what she wanted.

After some days, Bruno started to feel better. The couple did their best to cope with her loss.
Luhan was upset that the animal rescue center did not help her.

But thanks to the couple, the puppy was saved.

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