The stray dog warmed an injured cyclist during the whole night

The dog spent his whole life on the street and never had a home. No one wanted to adopt the animal. But then he became a star on television because he helped the injured cyclist from the dead.

Everything happened in July when the men went to the mountains. It was his usual route. But this time something was wrong. The man fell and broke his leg.

He needed someone’s help but hours passed and no one appeared there. He was so desperate and lost his hope. It was already cold outside and he did not know what to do.
Then suddenly a dog appeared there. He approached the guy.

The dog was friendly and wagged his tail. He came closer to the guy and warmed him.
And tourists passing by saw how they were cuddled with each other.

Then, they called rescuers and the guy was moved to a hospital. The man was concerned about the dog and asked the driver to take the dog as well. But people took the dog to the shelter.

Then a story was filmed about the dog and then he became popular. Due to this kind of dog the man survived. Also, the dog managed to find loving owners and a caring family.

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