The stray dog found out about the guy’s workplace and decided to visit him

It’s not a secret that dogs are the smartest and the most loyal animals in the world. And the guy named Mohd Ridhuan was convinced of this by himself.

He sometimes goes to the beach and feeds homeless dogs.
Every time he had a rest he also fed his loyal friend.

The animal waited for his arrival with happiness and impatience.
The man could not take him home so he was very careful with him on the beach. Here, they eat and play together.

But this was not enough. The dog was missing the guy whenever he left so he decided to visit him at his workplace.

Mohd was surprised when he saw his friend in front of his office.
He also captured this moment and posted it on social media.

The post got many likes and became popular among all internet users.
After this, Other dogs also came to see Mohd.

The man was so happy to look after homeless dogs and suggest others follow his example.

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