The stray cat helped a baby to survive who was in the basement

Due to the cat, the baby survived. So, this story proves that some animals have stronger maternal instincts than people.
This homeless cat named Masha was known by everyone on the street.

And kind people always fed her. Moreover, many of them sometimes allow her to spend the night at their home. And this kind of creature proved her loyalty many times.

Once, the old woman suddenly heard strange noises from Masha. And usually, the cat meows when something is wrong. And now it seemed that she asked for help.

And when the woman went to the basement she was shocked. Masha was near a box and inside it was a baby. The cat wore about the baby. So, Irina called an ambulance and they took the baby to the hospital.

When they took the baby, the cat ran after the car and followed them.
She did not know where they took the baby. Everyone noticed how intelligent the animal was.

The cat had a strong maternal instinct. Indeed, stronger than the mother of the baby. And due to the caring animal, the baby was saved.

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