The stranger tied the blind animal to the fence and left

There is a cemetery near this house and stray dogs often roam among the graves. And the cemetery workers often feed them.

The animals were not aggressive but they also did not want to leave. And once getting closer we saw a blind Pekingese that was tied there.

The poor animal was shocked and did not understand what happened to him.
When we came closer all the dogs moved away and watched it from afar.

The blind animal was about ten years old but he couldn’t even move.
So, I called the veterinary clinic but they did not answer.

So, we do no other choice besides taking it home. Also, I started to search for a new home for this baby. We could not keep him as we already had 6 dogs at home.

And there is no place left for him.
The baby was calm but at the same time very confused.

No one knows who acted like this with these poor creatures. Animals do not deserve this fate. So, let’s hope that soon he could find a permanent home and loving owners.

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