The strange dog convinced the people to let him in till they knew the truth

Once, the dog appeared in the family’s house and insisted on coming in. Most probably, the pet was lost.
The man liked the dog and saw that the dog had a collar. So, indeed she had a home.

But the wife took her dogs home as she thought that this strange dog would bite them. But she did not act aggressively. She just wanted the people to live with her.

The man decided to write a note and attach a camera to the dog to see where the dog had won. And then everything became clear.
It turned out that the dog was unwanted.

People kicked her out. But she needed so little. She just needed to be loved.
So, the couple asked doctors to examine the dog and discover whether she was healthy or not.

So, they came and examined the animal.
The dog was used to being loved and that’s why she asked for it so much.

And when the wife of the man watched the video she changed her mind. She felt sorry for this poor creature. How could people act like this?

So, they decided to keep the dog till the owner would be found. And if the owner could not appear they will keep her forever.
It was hard for the woman but she made the right decision.

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