The story of an example of a boomerang

Maxine and Jake got married and always dreamt about having many children.
But they could not have babies on their own and decided to adopt children.

And when they were becoming foster parents they also tried to have a baby. And after a long time, their first baby was born.

After a year, they finished all adoption procedures and now they have 4 more foster babies.
And then Maxine again found that she was pregnant. But this time without any interventions.

They were shocked but very happy. She gave birth to 4 more children.
The mother was now a mom of 9 children. She said that all their difficulties were worth it.

‘It’s not easy to raise 9 children but I will do it with great pleasure and my husband will always help me she said.

At first, the [parents were worried about how the relationship would be among the children but their worries were in vain. They get along with each other very well and are always there to help each other.

‘It’s still hard to believe that you have so many children. But now my only fear is our future bill. It will be hard to raise so many children and give them the best life.

But my husband and I are ready to do the impossible to provide them the best life’ said the mother.

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