The story of a 10-year-old schoolboy who himself collected money for a buggy for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and now he is collecting money for a thermal imager

It’s no secret that the war with Russia has united the Ukrainian people like never before. As you know, today our people, regardless of age, are bringing the long-awaited moment of victory closer with all their might. Let’s find out together the story of David Nikiforyak, who at the age of 10 already boasts the title of a volunteer.

In the city of Storozhynets, Chernobyl region, a real patriot is growing. His name is David Nikiforyak. The fact is that for decades the boy has already become a volunteer.

David bakes sweet donuts every day and sells them at the local market. By the way, according to the boy, icing sugar is the most important ingredient in making these delicious donuts. He sprinkles powdered sugar on the donuts while they’re still warm, and they come out delicious.

Of course, sunflower oil is no less important. Without it, you will not succeed in sweetening them. However, David Nikiforyan does not reveal the entire recipe. As the fifth grader himself jokes, this should be kept a trade secret. “Copyright,” says the young volunteer.

To cook donuts, the student gets up every day at 7 am. Many people buy coffee in the morning. So why not reward yourself with something sweet? However, sometimes a few hours is not enough to sell everything that has been produced. The sale is very fast. But sometimes you need to sit a little longer.

The volunteer donates the proceeds to the needs of the armed forces. For example, David has already raised 15,000 hryvnias to buy a buggy. David’s current goal is 20,000 hryvnia. He is raising funds to buy a thermal imager for his neighbor, who is defending Ukraine on the front lines. However, the boy jokes that he can start collecting for a tank.

“I started volunteering a long time ago. But then school started, fifth grade. During the holidays I returned to my work. I want to be at least a little helpful. After all, it is impossible to sit in front of the PlayStation all day during the holidays, ”said the fifth grader.

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