The squirrel could not sleep without her teddy bear

As an animal lover, I always thought that nothing could be more amazing than a feathery cat but this squirrel won everyone’s hearts. Look at Jill.

Jill was 2 weeks old when Typhoon Isaac met her. The baby was in bad condition when the woman met her and started to look after it.
And now, her life has changed. And she would never go back to the wild anymore. So, she will stay with the woman who saved her life.

Her smile overwhelmed everyone.
She had about 630000 followers on social media who patiently waited for her new posts.

It seemed that she was born to be a celebrity.
So, the squirrel spent the days posturing.

She enjoys resting. She had a teddy bear without which she could not rest. And all internet users love this couple.
‘When I started to care for her she gradually started to come with me on excursions, and I feel comfortable with her’ said the lady.

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