The special puppy was born in the USA and had 6 paws and 2 tails and it surprised even the doctors

There were so many features that were considered to be embarrassing in the past that have value now. The standard of beauty has changed. And it’s nice that this also happens with the owners who have pets.

A special puppy was born in the US and it shocked even the doctors. The baby had 6 paws and 2 tails.
The baby was named Skipper.


The baby underwent an examination after its birth.
And doctors supposed that she was born with her sister.

Most probably the animal needs physiotherapy but now she is feeling great and eating well.
Here you can also see the results of the X-ray.

All her 6 paws are working and it means that it will not be easy to keep up with the animal.
You can also see her pictures.

Also, so many entrepreneurs organized a fundraiser for the animal to pay for all the costs of the baby. And fortunately, so many kind people love the animal and are ready to help the baby.

Animals need our help and we should do our best to make them happy.

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