The son was adopted by another family and 35 years later he surprised his biological mother

In many cases, people have to part away. But fortunately, in some cases, such stories end happily.
The mother had to put up her son for adoption and 35 years later they were reunited.

It was hard to be a mom at the age of 15 and not everyone is ready for this.
And it was a great loss for the mother to part away with her son.

But when the son grew up he decided to find his mom.
Stephen had a chance to see his birth certificate.

So, he started to search for his mom and social media was helpful for him.
Now they are reunited. After being separated for many years, they have a chance to hug each other.

They waited for this meeting their whole life. Now they are reunited.
It was a very touching moment to see them together.

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