The soldier wanted to reunite with the puppy but she did not have enough time for this

The Sergeant named Tracey McKithern was shifted to Iraq and there she met a starving baby and helped her. So, she took the baby and called her Erby. Over the next months, it became her happiness and was always with her during her hard times.

They were inseparable.
When her deployment came to an end she promised the animal to come back and take her. Many strangers even donated money so that they can be reunited. But it was the time that Erby was traveling to her new home, and Tracy was moved to another deployment.

In the video, you can see how Tracy waits for the animal to be reunited with her. She knew that the animal could be changed as 7 months passed since they last met/ But she hoped that the animal would recognize her and accept her again.

When she left the airport Erby saw her and jumped to hug her. Tracy was very happy and the animal wagged his tail in happiness. It seemed that the dog recognized her and was given a strong hug.

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