The silent child amazed her parents when she said these words to her therapy friend

When the rescuers found the animal on a farm, it was tied and the ropes injured his skin.
No one knows why the owner did so.

So, the animal was taken to the hospital and then to a shelter.
Here, he found friends.

Children with some problems came to where the Shocks were.
Then he met Amber. The child was two years old.

The girl could not speak or make sounds.
The child had cerebral palsy.

So, it was hard for her to move.
The parents of the girl were suggested to introduce Amber to donkeys.

And everything changed after she met Shocks there.
The donkey allowed the girl to cuddle him and he in its turn motivated Amber to be active.

And that helped the baby to overcome the difficulties.
When the child turned 3 years old she had to undergo an operation.

The operation was successful but the child could not speak again.
After some time she went to see Shocks and be with him.

And when it was time to leave the animal she said to him ‘I love you’.
The parents were so happy to hear this.

After this, the child became a strong girl and visited Shocks periodically.
Let’s hope that both of them will have a bright future.

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