The sick puppy lay under the pipe till the doctors found and saved it

The poor puppy was already exhausted when it lay under the pipe and waited for the end. She could not even squeak and no one paid attention to her.

Suddenly, one woman noticed the poor creature. She was coming back home when she saw it. She was asking for help but was also desperate. So, the woman took it to the vet.

The doctors found she had little chance of surveillance.
They should look for a donor but there is no guarantee for this.

The doctors decided to do their best and save her life.
The dog called Linda became a donor for the baby.

They all hoped that this would help. So, they started an operation.
And Linda saved her life.

An amazing thing happened.
The puppy was thankful to everyone. She could not dream about being saved.

She was so desperate that was waiting for her death. But magic happened.
After some time the baby could be sent to the shelter.

And let’s hope that soon she will find a permanent home and caring owners.

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