The siblings are reunited after 80 years of separation and this story will make you cry

A heartbreaking story happened with the siblings Beryl Johnson and Bill Stewart who were separated because of the war.
They lost their mom in childhood. After some years they also lost their dad and became orphans.

Beryl was adopted and they were separated. The siblings never forget the moment when they separated. They cried but they could not do anything. Now they see each other again.

Later, Bill moved to Sydney. They were in different cities but they never forgot each other.
During the years they tried to find each other but they could not.

Kylie Watson, one of their relatives, came to help Beryls find her brother. She was engaged in finding lost people.
After some time magic happened. Bill got a call from his granddaughter and informed her that her brother was alive.

Beryl cried then she learned that Bill was not dead. And it seemed that her dream came true.
It was heartbreaking to see their reunion. They hugged each other and did not want to separate.

They were separated for 80 years and they already lost their hope of finding each other. Now, they spend most of their time together.
‘We will love and help each other as long as we can’ they said.

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