The shelter cats get adopted due to their friend’s charming smile

What exactly does it take for a picture to get over 1M likes on any social network? Maybe a smile at the right second! Well, we forgot to mention that you need to take part in a photoshoot for charity and be a charming kitten as well.

Even the most cultivated people on the internet were endeared by the cute cat named Baby Blossom.

You can clearly see how the lovely kitten is smiling at the camera.

Together with her sisters, Blossom got into the Albuquerque shelter as they were rescued. A specialist raising cats at the center recalls how the cuties’ first few days in the rescue center were very tough.

Now the kittens are 5 months old and they are in safe hands but socialization is a real problem. Their necessity is finding a loving family, so they prepared a test photo session. And someone decided to prove herself.

The picture with the smiling kitten went viral. And the shelter found itself in a real problem, there were too many people wanting to pick up Blossom.

It’s wrong to give attention to just one kitten but looking at the picture we can understand why this happened. Who would resist this very charming and cute kitten?

Also, other cats received a chance to find a home too because of the attention that the shelter received after the viral picture with the smiley kitten.

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