The school janitor created a room in the school and brought homeless students

Caroline Collins always came to school before the children arrived.
But once she noticed that she was not the first one who came to school. Some children were already there. And she was surprised.

She asked them why they came to school at that time. But the children remained silent.
And when she found out the reason she was shocked. They did not have anywhere to go.

And she decided to help them. She bought for them everything necessary and the children got everything they needed.
Other teachers also joined her idea.

Over 4 years she helped 20 children. All these children adored Caroline for her kindness.
When the city heard about Carolin’s story many businessmen started to donate money to her to continue helping homeless children.

Caroline was once invited to television and she talked about her experience of doing so.

It turned out that many years ago she lost her son during a robbery of a store. And now she gives all her love to homeless children.
Once she was given 50000 dollars and she spent all the money on charity.

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