The sad cat came to the house to befriend the family cats

The family fenced a yard for their cat to enjoy their time. And one day a sad cat came there and was watching the cats and wanted to befriend them.

So, Garry and Loki always spend their time in the yard.
And one day the guest approached them. The cat was looking at them with her sad eyes.

The owners later knew that the cat was homeless.
So, they decided to help the poor creature.

They called the animal Ziggy and built a house for the cat near the cat yard.
So, the family thought that it was a great solution for the cat as cold weather was already approaching.

Ziggy fell in love with her house and was thankful to the family.
The family also fed her.

At first, she was so shy and when someone wanted to approach her she ran away.
But the family gained her trust.

After some time when they could already approach the cat, they found some wounds on its neck. So, they decided to take the cat to the hospital.

The cat got everything necessary at the vet.
Then they took the cat back home and started to treat her well.

So, the family also decided to take her permanently. She needed time to adapt to her new family but she was the happiest to get such attention and care.

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