The rhesus macaque adopted a puppy and became a real mother for him

A rhesus macaque from an Indian city became popular on social media after looking after an abandoned puppy.
Sanjay Panday was the one who posted the pictures of the animal on the Internet.

The macaque adopted the puppy and protected her.
She always drove other dogs away from him and did not let anyone come closer to him.

She is very careful with the baby and fed him well.
The animal also allowed the passers-by to give him milk.

People are amazed to see their love for each other. Most probably, the macaque lost her cub and dealt with this puppy like her own child. She wanted to somehow alleviate her grief.

These species are most common in primates. They are often found in India, and South China and are in the cities with a large population.

Indians found them as sacred animals.
Their pregnancy lasts about 164 days. And they are very careful with their babies.

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