The rescuers saved a dog who stayed stand on his hind legs to stay alive

The situation is getting worse in the city after floods in Mexico. And this dog became a victim of this in the city of Tabasco.

Despite the difficulties, the rescuers saved the dog’s life.
He waited for a very long time for the rescue team to arrive but he gradually started to lose his strength.

Soon, he stood on his hind legs and put his back against the window.
It was an amazing moment when the dog managed to do so.

Soon, the team arrived and they pulled the animal to their place.
The dog felt happy when he realized he was saved.

He both experienced fear and happiness at the same time.
This operation was filmed by the team. Fortunately, the doggie is now safe.

Now he would be cared for and fed. Afterward, the animal was sent to the animal shelter where they found out about the family of the dog. After some days, he was sent to his family.

In the photos, you can see how the animal waited for the rescuers to help him. He was full of hope.

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