The rescued lion said goodbye to his lovely savior after twenty years

The lion from Columbia became very popular.
Julia Torres looked after 9 tigers, 4 lions, a bear, and even a crocodile.

There are other animals like monkeys and birds as well.
And all of them have something in common. That was they all were abused.

Julia says that she has two children and 800 animals. And she loves all of them.
Her favorite one was the lion called Jupiter.

Torres saved the lion from the circus. His ex-owners abused the poor creature.
And that was the reason why he did not trust anyone and did not want to make contact with people.

But when the animal met Julia everything changed.
But after some time the animal should be transferred to another zoo as the woman did not have the necessary documents to keep the animal.

There, the poor animal became ill and lost weight.
It turned out that he had cancer and could not be treated.

But he could see his lovely Julia for the final time.

The woman could not recognize him when they met.
Jupiter died in 2020, but the woman could never forget about him.

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