The rescued dog traveled across the world to see her new family

They sell dog meat bypassing all the laws.
Dogs moved to the slaughterhouse in special ways.

And this little bulldog was among those.
Peal was missing a keg and her skin was wounded.

This poor creature needed love and attention.
Her rescuers did not know whether it would survive or not but they did not want to give up.

She appeared in an animal rescue center with 2 other dogs.
Three wonderful women saved animals from there each year.

After being rescued, Pearl should fly to America to meet her new family.
Leah met Pearl in California.

Leah started to search for a caring family who would permanently take care of her.
And one woman paid attention to her.

When they met it seemed that they had known each other. Pearl loved Ashley and they came to her house.
The girl introduced her to Janet.

Two dogs greeted each other. Pearl immediately became used to the house. It seemed that she always lived there.
Ashley plans to cure Pearl and get a prosthetic leg for her.

So, it’s unbelievable how the dog who was barely saved got a new loving family.

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