The rescued dog found comfort in her new friend

Animals amaze us with their amazing friendships. There are amazing stories among different species of animals.

It’s not a secret that dogs are friendly and loyal creatures. They love and help those who need it.
This story is about a friendship between a dog and a rabbit.

This kind woman named Mindy Hayes saved an amazing pit bull called Grace who was 2 years old.

The poor animal had a difficult past.
Mindy always wanted to adopt a rabbit but she was scared of the dog’s reaction.

She thought that they might fight each other.
But she ended up adopting a white rabbit called Sophie.

She was amazed by her dog’s reaction. Grace greeted the new family member with great pleasure.
So, they are now best friends.

Mindy is admired by their behavior. Grace was very careful with Sophie.
She found comfort in her.

This couple is so special.

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