The red kitten was found without her mother

The family found the little animal in the forest. The baby was alone and her mother was not there. So, people decided to take the animal as they could not stay indifferent and let her stay alone.

So, look at Lizzie.
The baby was wandering in the forest and looking for her mother.

When people found her she was about 3-4 weeks old. She stayed alone in such a place.
She did not eat or drink anything.

So, they took the animal to the hospital. It turned out that she was healthy.
So, the doctors did everything necessary for the animal.

Maybe her mother got rid of herself in that way, thought the girl.
They did not regret taking the cat as she was nice from the very first moment.

Now the animal who was alone not for a long time ago found a caring family.
Two years have passed and the animal was living with her family. They all were happy together.

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