The rat lost hope that someone would help her

Wendy Chairs and her friends went out for a walk some days ago.
And suddenly they saw something that melted their hearts.

The poor rat was left under the rain. She was stuck and could not move.
So, they wanted to get the rat out but could not.

The girl was scared of rats all her life. But at that moment she could not stay indifferent. The poor animal needed help. The rat just wanted to live.

Wendy told everyone that she had to help the animal.
She found a broom and wanted to pull it out but she could not.

The animal lost hope that someone would save her. But she was mistaken.
Wendy saved her.

The animal was weak and Wendy helped her to walk.
The rat ran and hid from the rain. Wendy was happy as she managed to save the animal and she was now safe.

And her act should encourage everyone to act the same. Love will save the world.

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