The rabbit adopted 3 puppies and kept them warm

There are various opinions about rabbits.
They are considered to be stupid rodents but this is not always the case.

A strange thing happened in Azovo.
This rabbit adopted 3 puppies and became a mother to them.

This animal turned out to be very crazy. He fled from its owner and they could not find him anymore. So, he wanted to live freely and dug a hole next to his house of Margarita.

Soon, Margarita saw that the animal was not alone/ He also had 3 puppies and looked after them after their mother died.
The rabbit was very careful of them and looked at them all the time.

He protected them the way he could. He did not allow anyone to come closer to them.
If he did not look after them, they could not survive.

The rabbit dealt with the rabbits like his own children. He warmed, cleaned, and protected them.
Margarita once decided to post an announcement about the animals.

And people appeared who wanted to adopt the puppies. The owner also appeared who wanted to take the rabbit but the rabbit could not leave the last puppy alone.

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