The puppy who was almost dead was miraculously recovered

The dog almost died and was thrown into the street. But then magic happened and he recovered.
She was sent to the vet in the worst condition.

She could not even walk or stand.
No one knows whether she will survive or not.

‘I saw many animals during my working experience but never seen an animal as bad as Barilla was’ said one of the doctors.
The animal could not survive another night.

We made great efforts to save her life.
She could not even eat on her own so the staff helped her to do so. And she started to gain weight

After some weeks, the animal was changed.
Barilla falls in love with her from the very first moment.

The puppy now lives in his home with his daughter and 5 other puppies.
I decided to adopt him because my pet has died and we felt the absence of him.

So, when I felt that the dog fights for his right to live I decided to give him a chance. It was love at first sight.
Now the puppy gained weight and was fully recovered.

When we compare her with his previous pictures we understand how much she has changed.
Now she is inseparable from us and we are happy to have her. When I first saw her I told everyone that I am going to adopt her forever.

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