The puppy was starving from hunger and walked through the garbage

The little abandoned puppy was lying next to the garbage. Luckily, one kind person called the shelter and told them about the case.
The man felt sorry for the puppy who was sitting near the trash can. The puppy was afraid and did not know what to expect from people.

The activists who came started to examine the area and make sure that there are no other puppies. How the animal appeared in such a condition no one can tell. But luckily volunteers were there to help him. The animal trusted them and wagged his tail.

After some time the puppy appeared in a hospital. The doctors did everything necessary. So, after this they did not want to leave the animal in the shelter.

They named the animal Oscar. Also, they found temporary owners who would look after him. And that was the first time when he slept in a warm place. He did not know what it meant before.

And soon he will be fully recovered and will find permanent owners.

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