The puppy was in a box and it was closed with tape

The little puppy was in a box and could not even move. It was obvious that someone acted very carefully and wanted to do everything so the baby did not have any chance of salvation.

The baby was crying and wanted her mother. But it did not have any strength. The baby will soon die.

No one knows who did this and what was the purpose. The puppy was small and could not stand up alone.

When kind people heard her squeal they took it from the box. The baby was less than one kilogram. The poor creature could not even cry. Or maybe he was scared of making any sounds.

And he did not know what to expect from people.
Fortunately, the baby was saved, and let’s hope that he will live a happy life.

People named her Isaiah. He now has a temporary home where he is cared for.
Everything is temporary but let’s hope that soon he will find a permanent home and caring owners.

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