The puppy finally found a home after being refused by 5 times

Ivor is a 1-year-old puppy. He could not find a permanent home because he could not hear anything. People did not know how to talk with Ivor. So, the poor puppy came back to the shelter about 5 times.

He already had some behavioral disorders.
But the love that he got from kind people helped him to gain trust in people.

Recently, he found a family. The owner Ellie Bromilow taught him to do everything without hearing.
She taught her sign language. So, he already understands some commands.

The dog did not differ from other dogs. But we show the commands with our hands, said Ellie.
Also, I sometimes talk with him, but he does not understand any words.

Ivor id deaf but he had other senses like smell. And that helps him to better navigate.
‘’We sometimes hide treats and ask him to find them, so we do our best to train him,” she said.

Ivor was unlucky at first and met so many difficulties but now he is lucky enough to have such a caring family.

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