The puppy comforted his sister by hugging her

A week ago, the animal charity center got information about dogs who needed help. The director of the center arrived at the address and saw a horrific scene.

The dog with 2 puppies was living in awful condition. It was obvious that the owners got rid of them and the little family was left alone.
The animals were sent to the shelter.

Now they all are in safe hands. And fortunately, the medical examination showed that they all are healthy.
The babies did not know how to act when they were separated from their mother for a while.

When they left alone they hugged and comforted each other.
Every time they were left alone they thought something bad happened to their mother.

So, it was obvious that they could not be separated yet. They will stay at the shelter till they will grow up and be ready for adoption.
‘Puppies felt happy when the mother was around’ said Jane.

Let’s hope that the babies will be adopted together.

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