The puppies were saved by US soldiers and soon will find their families

These soldiers found 3 puppies during their mission and saved them.
Paws of War aim to help soldiers look after their pets. At this time, the center supports three soldiers.

The dog called Duchess, Luna Moon, and Strawberry was found alone. So, they took the puppies.
The families wait for them with enthusiasm. During these missions, soldiers often became friends with animals that they saved.

And this story is again something like that. The protagonists became so attached to them that they decided to adopt the puppies.
This center is already used to safely transfer the animals to other countries.


And the team collected donations to pay for the costs of the transport.
Due to the support of many donors, these 3 puppies will soon join their new homes.

Family members are waiting for the puppies.
‘This will be a great surprise for my son, ‘ said one of the soldiers.
These 3 puppies will soon start a new happy life.

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