The puppies were given to new owners but the mothers take them back

The name of the big dog was Mara. Mara guarded a private house. She walked around during the night and spent nights on a chain. And she went for a walk every morning with her owner.

The dog was well known for its docile.
Then the dog gave birth to her puppies and it was not hard to find owners for them.

When the babies grow up they are given to other owners. They all were given away when the dog was walking. When Mara came back home she noticed that the kennel was empty.

The owners tried to calm Mara but she was worried and no one calmed her.
It was obvious that Mara was whining plaintively. But then she calmed down and then started to walk in the yard.

But when the owner went to the yard she saw Mara who was feeding her 3 babies.
It was hard to believe what he saw.

They distributed the babies but now they were lying next to Mara.
They were so happy and it seemed that they never parted away.

The owner called the new owners to understand what happened. They did not know how the puppies disappeared.
Such an amazing story. Mothers are ready to do everything for their babies.

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