The puppies born from a Dalmatian set new records

Dogs give birth to several babies and Dalmatians have 5-9 babies at once.
But this was a special story as no one imagines what would happen with this Dalmatian called Nellie when she was pregnant.

The mother gave birth to 18 dogs and it was a new record.
Now the dog is waiting for her babies to be born.

She was pregnant at the age of three. The doctors expected that she would give birth to 3 babies. But then everything changed.
Nellie was done after 14 hours. So, she gave birth on 8 girls and 10 boys. That was a record.

She slept after 15 hours but then continued giving birth. Nellie was a caring mom.
Clement was proud of Nellie.
Clement was calm and she had enough space in her house.

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