The poor puppy remained in a freezing rain

The little chained dog was once noticed by a woman. It was a cold day but the animal did not even try to hide in the kennel. And when the woman came closer she noticed there was a dog.

The woman did not understand why the baby was chained and left outside. So, she could not stay indifferent and decided to help him. So, she brought him food every day and stayed there until the puppy ate.

The woman never noticed anyone around the puppy.
So, she asked the volunteers to help the animal.

Now the animal is under their care. And when the doctors make sure that he is in good health they will help him to find a new home.
His character is like a cat and he is so gentle.

And no one knows who acted like that with him. Let’s hope that soon everything will be good with him and he will find new owners.

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