The poor puppy lay outside the pipe for a couple of days and the doctors saved his life

The puppy tried to find shelter for hiding and went under the heating pipe. The poor animal lay there for 3 days and already lost his hope and everything to his end. He did not have the strength to survive anymore and people did not even notice him.

He closed his eyes and could no longer open them. And then he suddenly was noticed by an assistant.
When the woman came back home she saw something under the pipe. The baby was hopeless. And without hesitation, the woman took the poor creature to the hospital.

The doctors claim that he had few chances to survive.
They needed to find a donor for him but even that did not guarantee his success.

So, they took an animal from the rescued animal shelter and made a donor. They should help this miracle to survive.
So, Linda became the donor and saved his life.

They all believed that the puppy would survive. And the doctors performed the operation.
And fortunately, everything went well. The surviving puppy was thankful to everyone.

The woman, the doctors, and the dog helped him to survive.
After some time the dog could be taken from the hospital.

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