The poor puppies barely survived in such a condition

Sasha was driving home by his usual route when suddenly he saw a small animal on the street.
It turned out to be a puppy. The baby wanted to hide his body in the leaves to somehow keep out from the cold.

The baby could not even stand on his feet. Sasha took the baby and went to the cat. The man also found another baby at the same place, who was also struggling.

Sasha did not understand how to act like this with the dogs.
No one knows how long they stayed there.

When Sasha took them, the babies immediately fell asleep.
But he worried if he missed something at the place where he found the dogs.

So, he decided to return and check once again.
So, when he came back he found another baby as well. It was in the center of the road.

He was lucky as there weren’t any cars, otherwise, he could not survive.
Now, the whole family would be together.

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