The poor police dog who was stabbed by 5 times returned to his duties

This police dog did a great job. Such dogs are capable of doing more than people.
For instance, they can find missing people by their scent. So, they protect us at all costs.

They often endanger their lives and prove their loyalty. And this story is about a dog who was injured during his duty. And luckily, he recovered and returned to his duties.

The name of the dog was Kaiser. The dog was serving when the police officer received a call about a home invader.
So, they arrived at the scene but the poor dog was stuffed about 5 times by the thief.

But even being in such a condition he continued folding the suspect.
Fortunately, his wounds were not so serious and he recovered soon.

He went through a recovery process for about 2 months and then returned to his work.
His staff gave him a toy as a present. He was the bravest dog in the world.

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