The poor paralyzed puppy looked for help

The dog named Poppy had an awful injury when she was young. She was in a serious condition when started to seek help.
Suzanne Vogel was shocked when heard about the animal.

‘She was unable to walk but was full of love and care’ she said.
She indeed needed help.

Vogel took Poppy and with the help of her colleagues looked after her. They took her to the vet.
Luckily, it managed to reach the camp.

The animal was about 7 months old and she needed surgery to recover.
We should do everything for her life, she said.

After some days of good nutrition and care, Poppy started to feel better. So, she needs some time before the surgery.
And she shocked everyone with her progress.

Poppy is now living with her friends from Botswana. After some time her statement will be assessed and further treatment assigned. This dog refuses to give up and fights for her life till the end. Let’s hope that soon she will be fully recovered.

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