The poor little puppy chased the police officer and asked for help

Policemen are real heroes who might endanger their lives to save us. And today’s story is about 2 heroes.
Two policemen were guarding the street when they suddenly noticed a little puppy.


When the baby saw them, he started to chase them. It seemed that he asked for home.
They thought that the baby was lost but it turned out that he did not have owners and was all alone.


But he was lucky enough to meet the officers.
Tavera’s heart melted when he hugged the poor creature. He knew that he had to save the baby.


So, they took the animal to the police station.
But everything changed on the way to the station. The baby did not stop hugging them.

And one of the men loved him so much that decided to adopt him.
They named him Hobart. Hobart was small but a kind-hearted creature.


Also, he was brave enough to overcome the difficulties. Let’s hope that everything will be better for him from now on.

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