The poor injured dog was waiting for her savior with her sad eyes

When the shelter staff came to work they saw a poor dog who was tied to the gate. And when he saw people he started to wag his tail for happiness. It seemed that he lost his hope of getting help. But no one knows how long he stayed there in such a condition.

The poor dog was looking at people with his sad eyes and was begging for help.
It’s good that his owners left the animal next to the shelter. So, the staff saved the animal.

The dog was in bad condition. There were so many human-inflicted injuries on his body.
Moreover, it had so many skin diseases.

But fortunately, he is now in protected hands and his life will be saved.
He will no longer be in danger and the staff will take care of him.

Soon, the staff found a chip and contacted its owners. But they said that the dog has been living with another family for the past years and they were unaware of his life.

Now the poor baby is living there and is getting special treatment.
And the staff is searching for kind owners for the dog who deserves the best.

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