The poor dog was so scared of being again abandoned that he did not let the man go without him

One year ago, a man called Sam took a dog from a shelter. When they met the puppy was frightened and battered.
At first, he did not let his owner’s hand and stayed with him almost all day.

But then the dog gradually started to calm down. The dog was insistent to beg for someone’s affection.
The man said that he always remembers how they first met.

At that time he was doing volunteer work and sometimes went for walks with dogs. And then he was assigned to watch one of the puppies.

But it was stressful for the puppy to meet with the owner. He was in the car for an hour and did not want to get out of it. But then he adapted to his new life. He also learned to drink and eat from the bowl.

The dog also became attached to the man.
So, he climbed up Sam’s bed and wanted to touch him. When the man changed his position, the dog did the same. Time passed, but his habit remained the same.

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