The poor dog was scared of everyone till he meets his brother that changes everything

Dogs are the kindest creatures in the world. But often they did not feel the same love in response.
This story is about a dog named Hedgie, who was from a dysfunctional family.

He left without any attention during his puppyhood.
And it left a great trauma in his life.

As a result, he became a fearful animal.
Even when a kind family took him he was still anxious about everything.

He still hides under the tables.
But the son of the family did his best to help the poor creature.

He realized that he can make connections with the dog to help him.
So, he slept with him in the same bed.

And that worked.
After some time, the dog was transformed.

He was no longer hiding from anyone and Mason is his best friend.
But he already had some health problems.

So, the family decided to take him to the hospital.
He had some problems that caused difficulties with eating.

The doctors suggested a treatment.
So, the family devoted their time to his treatment.
After some time, he became healthier and now he will have a bright future with his caring family.

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