The poor dog treated badly for a very long time

The dog called Kala was a guard dog of the shop. The owner never took it to the hospital or fed it properly.
And the poor creature was so exhausted that could not even stand on her feet.

Her condition was getting worse day by day. Now it was also hard for her to breathe.
But neighbors saved her life. They contacted the animal shelter and told them about the case.

The police came and took her to the hospital.
In June, some people entered the center and tried to do away with some animals using poisonous sausages. Many animals could not survive. But this dog survived because of her size.

Kala was moved to foster care where would be surrounded by love and care
Now Kala is mischievous. But the owner adores her.

The founder of the center saved many animals but Kala was special. Also, this inspires her to continue with the same spirit.

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