The poor dog started to cry when the rescuer saved him after being chained for about 5 years

This poor dog lives on a chain for about 5 years. She had the worst owner who never fed her and paid attention.
This neighbor fed her the way she could. The poor dog eats the whole bread even without chewing. She was starving from hunger.

The woman also took a picture of the dog and sent it to the rescue team to come and help her.
The team was shocked and could not believe their eyes. So, they decided to take the dog and save her life.

They explained to the cruel owner that the animal needed care and that they would inform authorities if she continued the same way.
So, she agreed to give the dog to the rescue team. And it seemed that the dog understood that these people were going to help her.

Now, the dog was free after being on a chain for about 5 years.
They took her to the vet.

They also named her Lada.
The doctors discovered that she had a terrible skin infection.

Lada should stay there for a month. She needs to be under full attention. And this time she will feel how to be loved correctly.
Everything will be good with her soon.
Hopefully, she will also find kind owners. So, thanks to the woman who saw her and the rescue team, this poor dog is now doing well.

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