The poor dog gave his paw to the officer and asked for help

Many people adopt animals and do not look after them properly and even hurt them.
But thankfully, some people are kind and are ready to help them the way they could.

This story is about an animal who gave his paw to an officer and asked for help.
Angela Laurella got a call about a dog who needed help.

No one knows who acted like this with the poor dog. And also nobody knows how long he stayed there without water and food. The police officer thought that the animal was abused.

The desperate dog gave his paw to the woman. He trusted her so much and waited for help.
The dog did not have a microchip so it was hard to find the owner.

Laura started to feed the dog and he started to trust her.
They named him Liam. And he needed special treatment and care. Thankfully, he is gradually feeling better. And soon he will be ready for adoption.

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